Carnaval des Artistes 2018

This Friday, the 26th, Join us at Sant d’A Jakmel for our Carnaval des Artistes! The program will be packed with all of the best music, dance, and theater that Jacmel has to offer. The night will be capped off with a battle between two of Jacmel’s favorite rara bands, Fresh Stil and Bel Plezi. You do not want to miss this show! Only 150 gdes at the door and you’ll get a complimentary drink at the bar. Get your Carnaval 2018 off to the right start with Sant d’A Jakmel!

Carnaval des Artistes 2018

The next weekend, during Kanaval National, we will also be offering a special 3-day papier-mache workshop open to everyone! The cost is only $25 and everyone will get their own creation to keep and parade with during Kanaval. The workshop will also include a special training on Kanaval make-up and face painting.

Papier Mache Workshop


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