Two New Virtual Shows


We are excited to share two new virtual shows with you in our online galleries!

Our first is our new group show by a selection of our member artists. This exhibit is titled “RESPIRE”. “Respire” is the Kreyol word meaning, “to breathe”. The act of breathing can easily be taken for granted, but in times of pandemics and violence it has become more precious and also more dangerous. We must consider the consequences and the gift of every breath that we take. We chose this as the title for our current showcase of SAJ member art because to our artists, art is breath, it is life. We hope that our art can be a breath of fresh air to those who view it. Inhale. Exhale. And enjoy this exhibit which is full of life and color, as usual with Jacmellien art, but also includes quieter moments to pause and reflect. Breathe.

Click here to view RESPIRE


The second virtual exhibit is a solo show by SAJ member artist, Sevenson Joseph. Sevenson’s work combines mystical and abstract styles and has been exhibited around the world including in Paris, New York, and Miami.

Click here to view the Sevenson Joseph Solo Exhibit

The art in both exhibits is available for purchase and also available for exhibit in the US. Contact The Jacmel Arts Center for more details.

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