Wrapping Up 2020 with a Trio of International Exhibits

Jacmel Arts Center has teamed up with our partners, Indy Convergence, to close out the 2020 year with three exhibits. These exhibits are inspired by the Guede traditions of Haiti and represent the strength that it found in Haiti’s connection to our ancestors and the spirits. The first two exhibits, “Across the Bridge”, and “Through the Gateway” are in person exhibits on view at locations in Indianapolis, Indiana. “Across the Bridge” is on view at The Garfield Park Arts Center and “Through the Gateway” can be seen at the District Theatre gallery. The third exhibit in the series is a new group virtual exhibit, “At the Threshold”. This exhibit can be viewed in our virtual gallery space on Exhibbit.

Guede begins at the beginning of November as the celebration of all sacred souls. It is an especially meaningful season to spotlight Haitian culture because it is one of the most significant times of year in Haiti when the lines between life and death are blurred and communion with the ancestors guides the living. It is a time of year when those on this earth are invited to stand at the threshold, pass through the gateway, and cross the bridge between this life and the next. We are invited to do so at the guidance and assistance of the “guede” who are the spirits that govern the afterlife and provide us all with connections to our past and those who have made the transition before us.

The art featured in these exhibits expresses the vibrant colors, the powerful energy, and the strong connection that the Haitian people have with the spirit world. Through this art one can see the spirits themselves depicted, but also the human and natural world of Haitian’s everyday lives that cannot be separated from that which is spiritual, and abstract expressions of color that translate emotions into visual form. Every work of art created in Haiti is the product of channeling the spirits themselves to work through the mind and the hands of the artist. Through viewing these works we hope that you are able to cross the bridge yourself and connect with something beyond this world.

View “At The Threshold” here.

View a video tour of “Across the Bridge” here.

View a video tour of “Through the Gateway” here.

In addition to these three group exhibitions, we also have a new solo show on view now in our virtual solo gallery. This new solo exhibit features the work of SAJ member artist, Joanne Celestin. You can view Joanne’s solo exhibit here.

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